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The Design and Technology Moodle+ has been designed with class teachers and other D&T professionals in mind. The objective is to be a one stop resource/information area to help support quality teaching and learning in Design and Technology throughout all key stages.

The Design and Technology Moodle + will be split into 3 key areas:

  • KS1/2

  • KS3/4

  • Health and safety

Moodle + for KS1/2 will be used to develop the primary D & T curriculum with cross curricular adaptable schemes of work, step by step project ideas and user friendly assessment materials for class teachers and Primary Design and Technology Co-ordinators.

Moodle + for KS3/4 will be used to develop the secondary curriculum. Resources have been developed for both Food Preparation and Nutrition and Design & Technology

KS3 Design and Technology resources have been developed with iterative design process at the forefront and will underpin the new changes at KS4. KS3 Food Preparation and Nutrition resources have been designed with predominantly healthy eating and nutrition at the forefront.

Due to the current changes in the Design & Technology GCSE area, there is a growing need for up-to-date and rapidly changing resources at KS4. Resources developed will cover all materials areas of the Design and Technology GCSE and also Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE.

Moodle + content for Health and Safety covers all aspects including current legislation and best practise, risk assessment and record keeping for all key stages and will be  updated regularly.

There will also be a provision going forward for teachers to suggest resources that they would like developed by the Design and Technology Advisor.

In Moodle+ Preview there are some samples of resources to give an indication of what the full document includes in Moodle+. For a comprehensive list of resources available on the D&T Moodle+, please see the Moodle+ handbook 2023-24.

Subscription costs 2023-24

Moodle+ subscription prices for this year will remain unchanged. The subscription fees enable us to maintain the sites and add new content regularly:

  • Hampshire Maintained schools with 2023/24 HTLC subscription: £350
  • Hampshire Maintained schools without an HTLC subscription: £420
  • Non Hampshire Maintained schools with 2023/24 HTLC subscription: £350 + VAT
  • Non Hampshire Maintained schools without an HTLC subscription: £510 + VAT

If you would like to take out a subscription, please complete this form. Once your application has been processed, we will be in touch to advise your school's login details.

Please click on the hyperlinks below to view the documents:


Designing the KS1 and KS2 curriculum

Example long-term plan

KS1 and KS2 Curriculum tracking


A few slides from the USB light scheme

Feedback sheet for cous cous

Text progress log

Health and safety

Safe use of wood cutting machine tools in schools

CLEAPSS risk assessment applicability and curriculum audit

H&S Laser Cutter

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